A gap analysis is where we review your existing management system and evaluate its compliance against requirements of an external certifying body, such as IRATA International. As a first step to upgrade management systems, a gap analysis will help you confirm the direction and success of work already completed, and also to identify systems, processes or documentation which may need to be developed or improved.

Our experienced auditors have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of management system standards and will benchmark your performance against these standards and best practice. We have all worked extensively with companies in the working at height and industrial rope access industries, and understand all too well the demands of clients within our industry.

The gap analysis is undertaken with the primary objective of compliance against external Auditable requirements, as well as four additional focus points for your organisation:

  • Cost savings – optimize operations and therefore improve the effectiveness and efficiency of processes;
  • Increased customer satisfaction – help improve quality, increase customer satisfaction and sales;
  • Access to new markets – help prevent barriers in business and open up new markets; and,
  • Enhanced market share – help increase productivity, efficiency and competitive advantage.

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