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It is official!

The new IRATA Membership Requirements have come into full effect!

All exisiting Member Companies shall be audited against these new requirements; rather than a checklist, the document follows a format and structure more aligned with other established International standards and industry practices.

This new structure will facilitate the implementation of an integrated management system, for example, if the company also complies with ISO9001, the document control requirements are very similar.

Q: What are the new requirements?
A: IRATA Membership Requirements [QP-300] is essentially the standard (or rules) that companies are required to meet to gain or maintain IRATA membership.
Q: What does this mean for exisiting member companies?
A: Current Members shall be audited against the new standards at their next scheduled audit in order to maintain membership.
Q: Can I still use the Audit Checklist FM-039 or FM-059?
A: No. ‘Membership Audit Checklist [FM-039ENG]’ has been phased out for audit purposes. It has been replaced by the new IRATA Membership Requirements Checklist [FM-312ENG].
Q: What does this mean for companies who want to apply for membership?
A: IRATA are still heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and regrettably, membership application services are severely impacted and in some cases rejected in cases where it is not feasible to process an application. This is due to the limitations around travel restrictions for Auditors: here in Australia, we are lucky that we have a select few Auditors in country, but we still face border restrictions for travel. You can still apply for membership direct with IRATA. 
Q: How can I prepare for being audited to the new standards?
A: We recommend that your company performs a gap analysis between the old and new standards.
Q: Can Eve Consulting assist in a gap analysis?
A: Yes, we definitely can. A gap analysis is where we review your existing management system and evaluate its compliance against requirements of an external certifying body, such as IRATA International. As a first step to upgrade management systems, a gap analysis will help you confirm the direction and success of work already completed, and also to identify systems, processes or documentation which may need to be developed or improved.
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